I Will Be Launching This Site Again Soon

I Will Be Launching This Site Again Soon

I know I sound like a broken record, but I Will Be Launching This Site Again Soon. I have spent so much time in trying to teach myself how to create a blog that I’ve gone as far as I can with help from YouTube and on my own. I finally found a fantastic Webmaster that will fix everything that I screwed up and he’ll get me up and running again.

Once ouchwtf is firmly established then I’ll relaunch this site again soon. I plan on having crafts, jewelry, decorating, recipes, hacks, fun and a sense of community. My other blog is business this one will be just a great time with fun things to do, read and great people to talk to. I’m looking forward to this one to be my stress reliever after my other one being “work”.

I know that August seems like a long time from now but on this end, I’m sure that it will arrive very quickly. If I’m ready before August I’ll obviously start posting before then but I want to be realistic. I’m pretty sure that the whole format and look will change, I’m excited for all of this. If you have any craft ideas, recipes etc that you want to post please get them ready, with lots of photos or video. I think that the site will be a lot more fun with a community vibe and input.

Is there anything that I haven’t mentioned that you’d like to see? Shoot me an email and let me know. My email is also in limbo right now I can’t decide which one to use so, for now, is the best one or is the one for my other blog so I do check that one often. Either way, if you have something to say before I launch this site again. Just let me know. In the meantime please go to this is such an important topic that needs as much visibility as possible. Thanks and see you soon