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     My cousin’s family lives in Nova Scotia and are buried under who knows how many feet of snow right now (I feel for you, lol) she made this adorable Springtime craft. Even though it still looks like the dead of winter outside she wanted Spring to be alive inside.

Sarah McDonough's Springtime craft

I hope you can see how she made this Springtime Bouquet.

List of Materials:

  • 2 glass vases, one must easily fit into the other with space for the candy
  • Colourful candy of your choice. I personally really like the pink Peeps Bunnies on top of  colourful jellybeans
  • Flowers from your local florist or even grocery stores can have some nice bouquets. Try to colour co-ordinate the flowers to the candy.

There you go easy peasy snowbound in Nova Scotiafrom outside to insideSarah McDonough's Springtime craft3Thank you Sarah. I’m so glad that you are such a fun mom with the kids. I might steal another idea or two from you.

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