Fundraiser- I’m so excited



This is so exciting for me. Not only does it look like a great night out but this will probably be my first vendor event. I may set up on my sister’s front lawn, since she lives on a main road, as a test. Plus it will give me enough time to make a whole variety of jewelry and sculptures to sell. I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning.

Because of this P.I.F. group that I joined about a month ago I’ve been inspired to start a Hamilton wide P.I.F. group. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to join. I just have to decide if it will be a page, group or both on Facebook. The more stories told, I believe, the more it will inspire others do contribute. Let’s make Hamilton the P.I.F. capitol of the world. I know we can do it

.{ I removed the Photo from here for personal reasons}