Welcome to the World of MyShannonagains – an Awesome Craft, Jewelry and Life Hacks Blog

MyShannonagains a world of fun

      Hi, this is the second blog that I am starting. I am planning that by the end of May I will have 5 on the go. So on here I would like to welcome you to the world of MyShannonagains. MyShannonagains is a brand that I started a couple of years ago to show my jewelry and artwork. Since then though I have fallen in love with other fantastic applications.

    MyShannonagains Blog will explore crafts, jewelry, life hacks, art, recipes and a whole bunch of other cool fun topics to explore. My first blog, www.ouchwtf.com  is the serious blog dealing with fatigue and pain. This is the ying to the yang. It will be lighthearted and fun. I encourage you to ask questions and submit material that you would like to share with fellow readers. Share share share the more the merrier as they say. So let’s teach and learn and have a great time doing so.

Please join my FaceBook pages and please remember to leave comments. I really value what you have to say.

Right now my Schedule for this blog will be:

  • Sunday –  Highlights of my jewelry pieces, Contact me to purchase, I ship worldwide and accept all forms of payment except cheque. Don’t wait once it is gone it’s gone. If I have some of the same beads I might be able to duplicate it but not necessarily. It is fun and important to know that I do create custom pieces for you, brides and bridal parties. Fun Fun Fun! It is nice to have something made just for you so You’re confident that no-one else will arrive at the office or party wearing the same.
  • Monday/Tuesday will focus on a craft. It may be small, it may be more complex either way it will be fun.
  • Wednesday/Thursday/Friday will focus on my next blog exploring current issues; details to follow
  • Saturday will be a recipe that I have tried during the week or if I’ve been unadventurous that week it will be a tried and true recipe that pull from the mental vault. LOL
  • Hacks will be integrated into either a craft, recipe or at the end of a post if it doesn’t fit into a regular category. Since it doesn’t have a designated day you will be able to find them in the menu

I am so excited to begin MyShannonagains. A warning though the first few weeks will be a little slow in the posts. I am still learning how to build websites to optimize as many features as possible to make your experience the best possible. So please Join me on this journey. I guarantee you’ll love the adventure!049