Just For Fun @ MyShannonagains

Just for Fun @ MyShannonagains

     This page is just for fun, a giggle or to warm your heart. We all need a little more of that. Most are just copied off of Facebook, emailed to me and some are photos that I put captions on myself. One of the things that I really enjoy or signs; stupid signs, misspelled signs, signs that don’t translate well into english. I’ve always enjoyed Stupid Signs, after a trip to England some years ago, I started collecting them. We saw one there that made my eldest son laugh so hard everytime we saw it that I wanted to spread them around and make others laugh as well. So is the birth of a silly hobby. Some I know are just photo shopped and not really posted in the location that they lead you to believe they are but they’re funny anyway. My theory is that people take the time to create photo smiles to go viral because they like to make people happy, well I’m just helping them do that LOL. Ow my arm hurts from patting myself on the back. If you see genuine funny signs please send them to me I’d love to share them with everyone. In a nutshell this page is “just for fun @ MyShannonagains”. Oh yeah before I forget, please like my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/myshannonagains

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